Englisch B1

Many people get nervous when they speak English. Maybe they cannot understand the other person or find it difficult to think of the right words. But nobody is perfect and your English does not have to be perfect either! Practise speaking about different topics and make small talk in English. You will have many friendly conversations with people - inside the classroom and in the 'real world' after. Have fun with your English! Material is provided by the teacher. To find interesting topics to talk about, we will use, for example, newspaper articles and reports.

Lehrwerk: Great! B1 (Hueber-Verlag).

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12 Abende, 04.02.2020 - 12.05.2020
Dienstag, 19:00 - 20:30 Uhr,
12 Termin(e)
Elke Ley, Fremdsprachenkorrespondentin (Engl., Franz., Sp.) 
Realschule plus und Fachoberschule, Flammersfelder Str. 5a, 53567 Asbach, Klassenraum, 1. OG
s. Staffelpreis (24 UStd.)
min. 6 - max. 15
Außenstelle Asbach - 02683-9120

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